... A complete video-email and texting app for laptop and mobile devices

Take your prospecting, fundraising and communications to the next level with videoBlastr, which is a complete, easy to use, video-email and texting app with full backend detailed tracking. It’s dramatically more effective with results far superior to direct mail or typical “text and link” email and texts because it actively engages your customers, employees and prospects, setting you apart from the competition and delivering better results.

videoBlastr is effective for sales, training, recruitment, PR, fundraising and general communication by any industry. The possibilities are endless. Any important message is more effective when seen and heard – we give you the tool to tell your story. All for pennies.

Program services include:

  • customized, branded VideoBlastr™ program
  • consulting/program strategy
  • scriptwriting
  • video production
  • audio
  • training and support